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Project Brief

  • 3D Puzzle Platformer, Choice driven game

  • 4 Zones and 5 Rules to use and manipulate.

  • I Worked on Implementation, Gameplay and Narrative Design.


  • Created by 5 Designers and 2 artist over 9 months in Unreal Engine 4

My Work & Process

Rule Design and Gameplay

I designed rules which would best show off our concept while also taking into account implementation viability.

Example:  Reveal Collisions. Allow the player character to see previously invisible collision and solve level design problems accordingly.

Core Systems and Rule Implementation

As our team lacked programming knowledge, I took it upon myself to learn and create the systems we would require for the game. Done through UE4 blueprints.

Examples: Arcade Machine Interface, Rule Implementation, Dialogue System, NPCs Ai , Puzzle Implementation (shown on the left)

Takeaways from the Project

  • Created a vertical slice with enough content to provide potential investors the scope of the full game.

  • Gained a lot of knowledge of UE4 Blueprints and implementing core systems with flexibility for additional future changes and direction

  • Beginnings of AI Design for combat, Quest Design and Implementation and Platformer Puzzle Design and Implementation

  • Brief long term project Management from Pre-production till Post-production with different fields i.e. Animation, Design, Art and Programming.

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