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About me

I currently live in Pune, India, though I did not always live here. I was born in Chennai and since then have been shifting from city to city with my family. Due to my father's job we shifted often, roughly once every 2-3 years. We did not restrict ourselves to only in India either, we also stayed for 2 years in London. This helped me become accustomed to the constant change in environment at a young age. My parents can say that I was not always comfortable, but I adapted, and today am glad that I experienced life this way.


Diversions / Hobbies

Outside of work, there are many things that I enjoy taking part in. Swimming, Basketball and Taekwondo are but a few of my pastimes.  Recently I have had the immense pleasure of lending my voice for different projects. Here's an example of my voice over 

I've spent time with friends in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, where I looked forward to exploring and adventuring every week. 


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