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Their god tested them, but there were only few who would give themselves to the fire. Where else would they be closest to their deity other than caves adjacent to molten rock. Who would dare explore the remains of an old civilisation such as this, other than Lara Croft. 

The zone, is based inside a "dormant" volcano where there once stood a temple meant to worship fire. Long since abandoned, only fauna and age old defences prevent people from entering this ancient underground adoration to the fire god and its terrible flame. 

My Role

I was as the level designer, narrative designer and scripter for the prototype of this level. 


The layouts and puzzles were designed by me first in Google Sketchup and then into Unreal Engine 4

Softwares Used

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Level Design: Google Sketchup

Documentation: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint


This project was part of an level design assignment for Lara Croft Go. We were given 5 days to complete a level for the game while providing 2D, 3D layouts as well as an executable that could simulate the level. 

We were also given constraints on the Gameplay Ingredients we could use. They were:

  1. Snake - a stationary enemy only vulnerable on the sides.

  2. Cracked Tile - can only be passed over once.

  3. Lever - controls moving platforms in the level.


The download link for the latest version is below.

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