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Project Snapshot

  • Third person action-puzzle platformer game and a remake of the original Prince of Persia: Sands of time.

  • Primarily working as a designer for combat features in the game. Character abilities, NPCs Behaviour and AI as well as Boss design.

  • Been working on the project initially as a Junior and now Mid-level Game Designer for close to 2 years now with a large team including, Artists, Animators, Tech and Level Design.

My Work & Process

Remake or Revamp?


  • I had to analyse old Prince of Persia combat and made design, 3C, feedback and combat mechanics updated with current industry and player expectations.

  • Recreated NPCs behavior and attacks according to the original as well as improved coordination in different scenarios.​​


  • Work not only with multiple departments  across other squads working on Parkour, Core Design, Critter, Design to ensure consistency in player experience.

AI Design, Implementation and Improvement


  • Designed and implemented NPC abilities and AI in as required to work in every level and multiple scenarios of combat.

  • Setup data in engine for NPCs, Prince and Farah as well as bug fixing for the same.​​​​​

  • After multiple playtest sessions, I worked towards analysing player feedback and improving Game Design, NPCs behaviour and abilities for combat

Takeaways from the Project

  • First AAA title I've worked on with a large production scale and team

  • Enemy Rational Game Design, AI, Implementation and bug fixing.

  • Analysis and recreation while making sure to reiterate and provide the best feel to compare with similar games in the genre.

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