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Older Projects

Merry Christmas


A stealth platformer where you play as Santa Claus and try to place presents under the christmas tree without letting the children know you are there. This project was created over the course of a week with 4 members.

Ripples through Time


A puzzle platformer game made for the Build your own Game competition of 2015. Play as two characters in different time periods who help each other during their journey together affecting each other across time. Selected for Honorable mentions for BYOG 2015.



A serious game created over the course of 2 weeks. The player plays as a scientist, who is part of the Search for Extraterrestrial life program. The aim of the game is to provide an interactive method to teach children more about extraterrestrial life in places like a museum or other exhibitions.

Galactic Rivals


The game Galactic Rivals is a 2-player fighting game with robots. You can choose from 7 characters and 3 different Arenas. Each charcter has 5 normal combos, 3 Special attacks, and one Ultimate Attack. This was created over the course of 2 weeks with 44 people working together.

Warcraft 3 - The Mission


This was a Warcraft 3 campaign that my collegues and I worked on over the course of a week. The team consisted of 28 members and the campaign has an average gametime of 45 minutes to 1 hour for each level.

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