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Ripples Through Time


Ripples Through Time is a puzzle platformer game where the player plays as a young woman and her ancestor exploring the land during their respective times. There are 2 timezones that affect the gameplay, the present and the past. The actions made in the both can affect the other, an example can be planting a seed in the past can create a tree as a platform in the present. Using this and many other objects the two characters help each other cross the obstacles they face together. 


My Role

I was the lead level designer as well as a game designer of the game creating the layouts for the 8 levels and helped design the puzzle structures with their solutions. 


Softwares Used

Game Engine: Gamemaker

Art Assets: Photoshop

Documentation: Microsoft Word 



The game was made during the production phase of a Game jam called Build Your Own Game (BYOG). The themes for the jam was, Time, Gravity and Infinity. 


The project was completed over the course of 2 days with a team of 5 people, 3 game designers, 1 programmer and 1 artist. The game is meant to be a small part of a whole game, ending at a sequence end. 


The game in the Honorable mentions for BYOG 2015.



The download link for the latest version is below.

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