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Fantasy Organizer is a gamified mobile "application" meant to help users stick to schedules they have created. It also helps users keep track of upcoming deadlines and reminds the user of approaching tasks. The user is given a virtual fantasy world to take care of as part of this application. Depending on how well they stick to the schedule they have set and complete the tasks their location will thrive. If not their world will start to deteriorate. There is no definite end to the world so the user can keep trying to improve their own time management as that is the main goal of the "app".

My Role

I created all assets that can be seen in the mock-protoype, as well as the design behind it. This was an individual project which I completed myself, so all work towards it was done by I alone.



Softwares Used

Prototype: InVision


Art Creation: Photoshop


Documentation: Microsoft Word 



The project was given 3-4 months of pre-production and production time. During the pre-production phase a survey was created to better understand the users we would like to target. An issue which was seen prominently was improper time management. 


This lead me to the idea of this concept to gamify time management in a organizer app. Providing motivation to improve themselves by looking after a virtual world.

I worked alone on this project, though feedback was given to me by my trainers.


The download link for the mock-prototype is below.

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