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Project Snapshot

  • 3D Top down farm simulator game on mobile devices.

  • I worked on design several cadence features called events as well as a solo short Christmas feature.


  • 6 months as a Game Design Intern where I designed, documented, implemented and bug fixed events with minimal oversight 

My Work & Process

Events and Cadence!

The design for events correspond to the research we do and when the event is set to release. E.g. if the event releases in spring we could look into a spring themed event!

I would work on several events at a time, juggling, for example, maybe 2 spring and 1 summer event, at either the pitching, implementation or bug fixing phase.  (Right: examples of events I designed and implemented)

Solo Feature and Live Service

The goal of the feature was meant to experiment if player's would buy limited edition helper character for a premium cost or rather get a discount price on this and buy it after completing certain objectives in game. 

I designed the UI/UX layout for the popup and the objectives and overall implementation for the feature. We received high participation and purchases for the feature successfully!

Takeaways from the Project

  • Learn and hone  the mobile game design and systems knowledge that I was building with talented seniors and mentors.

  • Work on fast implementation and reiteration at different levels of production on multiple features and handing the stress of it!

  • Designing features and content for a personally unique target audience. 40-50 year old middle aged women.

  • Initial exposure to agile/SCRUM methodology and feature tracking through JIRA.

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