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Project Snapshot

  • Puzzle Adventure, Zelda-like game

  • 4 Zones, 2 Dungeons and 4 Gadgets to find.

  • I Worked on Level, Gameplay and Narrative Design.


  • Created by 4 Designers and 2 artist over 6 months on Game Maker

My Work & Process

Gameplay and Narrative Design

We created gadgets and level design based on our core pillars of Stealth, In-direct/ Opportunist Conflict and Subterfuge.

Example: Meat. Using this gadget the Player character can divert an enemy for a short duration or worse, into the line of sight of  a different predator.

Level Design

I worked on the Jungle Zone and my intention for the area was simple: Winding and Intimidating. 

After a few paper iterations, I decided on a maze design and placed key ingredients and encounters around enemy ambushes and sneak spots. 

Takeaways from the Project

  • It was my first 2D Adventure game with the scope to make something worth more than 5 minutes of interesting game play. (Average ~ 20 minutes)

  • Learned more about Level Design process for 2D Layouts and Game Maker in general.

  • Got an award for this demo as a bonus. 

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