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Project Snapshot

  • 3D Cricket Simulator Mobile Game

  • I worked on design for career, tournament and additional features as well as controls and UI/UX of the main menu.


  • 3 months internship, working alongside a small team of 6-7. 

My Work & Process

Revamp and Redesign!

I worked with another design to analyse other similar titles and propose features to help improve downloads and player retention. We revamped the main controls for batting and bowling as well. 

After implementing this, we were able to see a moderate increase in player continuing to play the game after the first 7 days!

UI/UX and Camera 

I proposed a new layout for the main menu Z pattern when navigating. This way we would placed menu items along this line to draw the player's focus where we needed. (Left: Mockup of revamped squad selection screen)

Another prominent change we worked on was an improved camera when following the ball into the field. 

Takeaways from the Project

  • I was able to have professional practice on documentation and also  work with a diverse team for the first time.

  • Provided an influx of information about mobile games and the industry. Exposure to live service, player retention, mobile control design and UI design.

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