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Galactic Rivals

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Galactic Rivals is a futuristic classic Fighting Game. The game is a multiplayer Player vs. Player game which includes defeating your opponent in the given amount of time. 

You can choose from 7 characters and 3 different Arenas. Each character has 5 normal combos, 3 Special attacks, and one Ultimate Attack.

The battle arenas also feature environmental hazards which activate at certain intervals during the fight which hurt the characters on screen if not avoided.

My Role

I worked as a game designer who created the move list, way of animation and special attack for the character "Avalanche". I also balanced the health points and how much damage he could inflict on other characters.



Softwares Used

Game Engine: Mugen +Fighter Factory

Art Creation: 3DS Max, Photoshop

Documentation: Microsoft Word 

Sounds: FL Studio  and Auditions


Galactic Rivals was a game created by a large team of 44 people. Of these 44, 21 were Game Designers and 23 were Animators.

The amount of time taken to complete this project was 8 days.


7 Different game designers teamed with 2-3 Animators each on each robot seen in game separately. We learnt how to use Mugen and Fighter factory to create this game, though I did not explicitly code myself.



The download link for the latest version is coming soon.

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