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Warcraft 3 - The Mission

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This is a Warcraft 3 Campaign where the player plays as a peasant who sets out to take revenge against an Evil Demon. He travels through the story gaining experience and skills and becomes a force to be reckoned with by the end of the game. 


The player is taken through many puzzles, mazes as well as strategic fighting situations and must use their wits to traverse them without failing. 



My Role

I worked as one of the game designers as well as a Level designer of one of the initial levels that can be seen in game. I helped decide the character abilities, enemy characters and also layout of the level as well as quests in the level.

Softwares Used

Game Engine: Warcraft 3 Level Editor

Video: Adobe Premier Pro

Documentation: Microsoft Word + Microsoft Excel



The game was made as part of Intensive Week. A total of 28 game designers were part of the the team that created this campaign over the course of a week. 


There were different teams which handled sets of levels designed as zones that players could play through. In the end the game time came to around 45 minutes - 1 hour per level. 


The download link for the latest version is below.

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