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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas is a stealth platformer game where the player takes on the role of Santa Claus on the night of christmas. The goal of the player is to move through the house unnoticed by children who are awake trying to catch sight of him, and place presents under the christmas tree.

There are many ways of avoiding detection in-game, such as hiding in cupboards, behind curtains and furniture.

The game also changes according to how you play, allowing players who failed more to access easier levels later and providing a challenge for players who did not fail giving more difficult levels.

My Role

I was the lead level designer as well as a game designer of the game creating the layouts for the 15 different levels the player can access depending on how they play. I also helped designed the 2 "enemy" character behaviors.

As part of the game I also designed the Main menu and in game User interface.


Softwares Used

Game Engine: Unity 5.2 

Art Assets: Photoshop

Documentation: Microsoft Word 



The game was made as during an Intensive Week. This meant the design, programming and art had to be done to create a playable prototype of the game by the end of the week. 

The team that worked on this was made up of 4 game designers. 


The game has a total of 15 different levels, but playing through once the player will only come across 6 between 2 Zones or houses. This allowed the prototype to be replayable to discover different layouts and provide a different experience when played multiple times.


The download link for the latest version is below.

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