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S.E.T.I. is a serious game (prototype) which takes the player through the process of how the researchers and scientists listen and collect waves from outer space and other galaxies, which might have evidence about intelligent life other than that on Earth.

We had hoped that the game would be enjoyed by kids in the Museum who are interested in astronomical science and extraterrestrial lifeforms.

My Role

I worked as a project manager,  game designer and programmer working on Mini-games, U.I. and Bug Fixing.


The main parts of the User Interface and also mini-game 3 integration were done by me.

Softwares Used

Game Engine: Unreal

Engine 4

Art Assets: Photoshop and Substance

Documentation: Microsoft Word and Excel

Sounds: Non-copyright sounds, Audacity


The game was worked on for 2 weeks as a project at Rubika Supinfogame Pune, India. Different milestones were set over the course of this time where we had to submit specific documents, pitch presentations and also the prototype itself.

There were 5 game designers and 2 artists in the team making a total of 7 members. 3 game designers handled programming of the prototype while the other 2 worked on documents and other important material.

The download link for the latest version is below.

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