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Professional Projects

A remake of the original Prince of Persia game. A 3D action and puzzle platformer with updated design, art and combat. I worked primarily as a designer on combat and implemented features for Prince, enemies and bosses. Including their AI and Behavior!


A popular version of the Farmville franchise on mobile devices. I worked on cadence/event content which required me to write fiction, create craftable items and implement them into the game!


A rising 3D cricket game which boasted a premium quality cricket simulator experience on mobile. I was asked to rework on the core gameplay controls as well as the possible additional features with proper documentation. The UI/UX required a slight update as well, especially the main menu.


College Projects

Important projects that helped me grow my skillset

The Game

A 3D puzzle adventure game where you can change the rules of the game and affect yourself, the environment and all the characters in the game. People are stuck within this virtual game and have been trapped by the game's development team and the only way to save them is by going into the game yourself!




A 3D action adventure concept where you play as a detective or his alter ego, a twisted hulking monster. You were given the choice of how to deal with the people who made you this way, with a chaos system the shaped and affected the world as you played. Would you bring order or drag London into further carnage?


Coming Soon


A zelda-like puzzle adventure game in a world of talking animals! A young meerkat needs to adventure into the harsh Savannah and Forests in search of the one thing that scares all carnivores and herbivores alike, Fire
In this project, I focused on Level Design and critical elements of gameplay and narrative.  




Blacksite -Doom level Design


Blacksite was a desolate facility connecting Earth and Hell, overrun by the dead and it might be your only way home.  A level design project for Doom created in Snap Map. A classic doom narrative experience. 


Charred Temple - Lara Croft Go Level


Remains of a civilisation living dangerously close to their choice of deity. The god of flames is as fickle as its element. This is just another exciting expedition for Lara Croft. Level Design project for Lara Croft Go.

Fantasy Organizer


A gamification project meant to gamify the process of sticking to schedules and deadlines the user has set for themselves with the help of a fantasy world which is affected by your choices.

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